Thursday, February 12, 2009

Florida Ridaz

I'll be in Sarasota from the 19th-22nd, lets ride bikes.

Oh and also, I'm sure most of you have heard of that professional shit talker commentator Catfish.  Well a few nights when I was a bit intoxicated.... and one afternoon when I just wanted to be completely honest, I took it upon myself to kick him out of BMX because, well, he's worse then Kenan Harkin..... I guess I got on his nerves a little bit, he's being e-tough and calling me out on the internet(and I guess I'm being equally as lame for writing this, haha) but whatever. He calls me a faggot, but he's the one with the unicorn/rainbow stamp on him.
Call me gay as much as you'd like, but it doesn't make you anymore straight.

PS. you are obviously colorblind.
PPS. My momma is the best. Take that how ever you want cause I know you're going to make a lame ass joke.
PPPS. You haven't grown since 87'.
PPPPS. I don't care about holes.
PPPPPS. Everytime anyone looks at you, wether it's a picture or in person, they laugh.


Salty said...

photobucket steal.

Anonymous said...

I would say catfish is much cooler than you,I met him once when he tour to Shanghai,the riders here all like him.
I visited your myspace page and I have to say you are 200% gay,which makes me wanna puke so bad

Anonymous said...

a unicorn tattoo with colorful penises does not make you gay... catfish is reeeeling in all the bitches.... its all of you myspace pictures that makes you gay... like you would like to suck your own dick if you could.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous hates.

Casey McKellar said...

haha, i agree with catfish!

cause what your failing to post is this picture of you (got it off the come up)

and if your counting on that picture of the dick rainbow unicorn tattoo (which i think is pretty badass) to win you this pointless arguement, its not working. because all kids that read this shit care about, is BIKES. and everyone knows catfish because he CAN BIKE, VERY WELL. and noone has ever heard of you.

so my opinion, catfish wins because he does something that matters, and hes good at it. RIDING HIS BIKE

o and p.s. im posting my name because unlike alotta thees kids that post as anonymous, because i dont care what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

bmx cut down list:

1. attacks on masculinity/sexuality
2. saying they don't ride

that's it. a lot of bmxers, especially catfish, suck at talking shit.

Anonymous said...

Damn Catfish is easy to bait.

Anonymous said...

catfish is an idiot,why does everyone care what he thinks? hes just a random guy who not has links with crappy tv shows and hangs off mentioning pros names to make him cool! as he metioned "jamie bestwick thinks your gay" who the fuck cares?

tazz said...

it's not gay unless you cum.